Inspiration for the project

This project was inspired by a few previous projects that bear some similarities: the former "BEC Homepage" that was maintained by Prof. Mark Edwards at Georgia Southern University, which kept track of new BEC papers; the BEC Resource Letter written in 2003 by Prof. David Hall at Amherst College, which categorized BEC publications and provided brief summaries of research areas; and the BEC BibTeX file that was maintained by Prof. Eric Cornell and the JILA ultracold atoms groups.  Due to the rapid growth of the BEC field, it has become difficult to maintain comprehensive and complete resources for the field as a whole.  However, with a narrowed scope (such as BEC vortex experiments), similar resources for researchers in ultracold atoms subfields may be more easily maintained.   This BEC Vortex project is an amalgamation of features of the 3 older, similar projects: a list of papers (with active hyperlinks), categorization and summaries of published papers (in the resource article), and a BibTeX file provided for public use, all focused solely on experiments involving vortices in superfluid atomic gases.  Thanks for the inspiration Mark, David, and Eric! We hope this project further inspires similar efforts in other BEC subfields.


Thanks also to Tyler Neely and Zach Newman for early help on this project, Sam Nerenberg for help in the more recent stages of the project, and to Sandy Fetter for many helpful discussions and feedback (especially while in Europe during the Eyjafjallajokull volcano incident of April, 2010).  Thanks especially to the US National Science Foundation grants PHY-0855677 and PHY-1205713 for financial support of our BEC research activities during the creation and maintenance of this project.