Experiment List

General Notes:
  • The table below lists peer-reviewed articles involving (in whole or part) experimental work with quantized vortices and persistent currents in superfluid atomic gases.  
  • A small selection of review articles and other articles on the topic of vortices is included after the vortex experiment list.
  • Articles are arranged by year and month of publication date.  
  • Clicking on the citation key (left column) on any article will open up a new window containing the journal's web page for the article.  If a link appears to be broken or leads to the wrong place, please notify me! (Note that some OSA journals don't seem to allow for this kind of hyperlink.)
  • The spreadsheet below will not reformat based on viewer window width, so it is best viewed on a computer.  However, it still fairly straightforward to view and use the list on a mobile device. 
  • The most recent version of this list (with article hotlinks) can be downloaded to your computer.  See bottom of page for the links to downloadable PDF and HTML files.

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Feb 5, 2018, 12:40 PM
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