Welcome to the BECVortex Project, a resource for people interested in experiments on quantized vortices and persistent currents in atomic quantum fluids.  On these pages you will find:

  • A Vortex Experiments List: a web page listing published peer-reviewed articles involving laboratory experiments with quantized vortices, persistent currents, and topological structures in dilute-gas BECs and Fermi-gas superfluids. Direct web links will take you to these publications on the publisher websites.  (PDF files are not provided on this website, and subscriptions are usually necessary to access the articles on the journals' websites). A few review articles and other relevant papers are included at the end of the experiments list. 
  • Vortex Experiments list available for download: At the bottom of the webpage containing the Vortex Experiments List, you can download an HTML file for viewing in any browser, or a PDF file.  Both files contain the articles and information included in the Vortex Experiments List (hotlinks embedded!).  If you would like an Excel file with all of the same info, please ask!
  • A BibTeX File: a single BibTeX file with entries for all of the articles in the vortex experiments list.  The BibTeX file can be downloaded and used when preparing LaTeX documents.   A simple, nearly universal, and nearly unambiguous convention for constructing BibTeX citation keys for journal articles is proposed and used in the BibTeX file and in the Vortex Experiments List.   
  • Resource Article: a JLTP resource article listing published papers describing laboratory experiments involving quantized vortices in dilute-gas BECs and Fermi-gas superfluids during the first decade of research on vortices in these systems (1999 to 2010).  Brief summaries of these experimental papers are given in the resource article.
  • A list of upcoming changes: a brief list of website plans, and upcoming additions and corrections to the experiment list and BibTeX file that will be made in the next round of changes.   If your paper or corrections are not listed here, I may not be aware of them, so please let me know about them.

The information and files made available through this website are intended to be used for reference purposes only, and are not endorsements of the reported work, results, or interpretations.   This project and webpage are part of an ongoing project with updates that include new published articles.  This website is not intended to be a "virtual journal" of vortex research in degenerate quantum gases: we currently do not maintain a list of related theoretical articles (unless experimental results are also included), vortex-related work in systems other than superfluid atomic gases, and we do not select a limited set of articles for this list.  

As time permits, we hope to expand this effort to include lists of papers on other targeted and similar areas (such as solitons, for instance).  If you would like to join such efforts, please let us know!

The original version of this website went under the name BECVortexBibtex, but the name has been changed to reflect the utility of the hotlink-enabled experiment list, which seems to be equally as useful as the BibTeX file.  The former webpage and name now redirect to this page.  

And if you haven't already realized it, you can access this page through the web address http://www.becvortex.com.

This website is maintained by Brian Anderson's BEC group at the College of Optical SciencesUniversity of Arizona.   If you find an error or omission, if you have published a new paper containing experimental results on vortices in an atomic-gas superfluid, or if you have a suggestion on how this webpage might be made more useful to you, we would like to hear about it.  Come on now, don't be shy!  If you feel compelled to let us know what's on your mind, please send email to Brian Anderson:  bpa@optics.arizona.edu.